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Welcome to the OLLU Psychology Department's PostModern Therapies Wiki!

This page is a collaborative project developed by doctoral students. It is our hope that this Wiki can:
  1. Provide a dynamic authoritative site for OLLU graduate students to access information about the therapeutic approaches taught in the department.
  2. Provide an academically rigorous presentation of information.
  3. Develop into a professional site that serves the psychology community at large.

The goals of the project for the class are for students to be able to:
  1. Develop a sophisticated understanding of the postmodern ideas that have influenced the so-called postmodern therapies (eg. Narrative therapy, solution focused therapy, MRI therapy, and Collaborative therapy).
  2. Demonstrate an ability to apply complex theoretical ideas to specific case examples.
  3. Evaluate and present data on outcome studies of the identified therapeutic approaches.
  4. Evaluate the trustworthiness of print and electronic sources.
  5. Provide professionally written information that conforms to standard English usage and APA style.
  6. Master the on-line research resources.
  7. Develop skills in using computer and Internet-based tools.
  8. Develop skills in delivering scholarly information to the larger community.